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President's Update

Written by Georgina Balascas, President MWHA on .

Georgina Balascas

Hello everyone!

I hate to disappoint you but I think the ground hog lied to us on February 2nd! It certainly does not look like we are going to have an early spring.

The weather has been unbelievable the last few weeks. When the Toronto School Boards give the students a snow day, you know that it must be really bad! But let’s not get too depressed about what winter has done to us this year. I am an optimist and whether spring is early or late, it is coming! March is around the corner! So much for the weather report...

Now let us get down to the business of the MWHA. Last month we told you of the upcoming events that the Board has scheduled for the community. In case you missed them, I will repeat them here so you can mark your calendars: Cover Contest April 3rd, Spring Fling Social May 10th, Annual Garage Sale May 25th and Family Fun Day September 28th. We hope you will join us. Come and meet your neighbours and have fun!

You may be wondering about the cover of this month’s Marklander. Let me explain what it means. The MWHA Board believes that we are on the cusp of dramatic changes in Markland Wood and these will present huge challenges for us in the future. The character of our community may change dramatically. As many of you know, the infill development at 240 Markland Drive is the first major change that is coming. The current proposal is to build 164 units; 126 condominium apartment units included in a building fronting onto Bloor St. (Bloor Building), 29 condominium apartment units on the south end of the site fronting onto Sunplains Crescent (Sunplains Building) and 9 townhouse units fronting onto Broadfield Drive (Broadfield Townhouses). The owner/ developer of this building has applied to the former OMB, now known as LPAT.

In response to the Applicant’s submission to LPAT, the MWHA has hired legal counsel as well as maintaining the ongoing services of our long-time Planning Consultant. We are now awaiting the formal tribunal process that will take place in September of this year. This process will require significant financial resources. However, this development is not our only concern.

On the cover there are six additional sites that may be developed. The property at 4340 Bloor Street was recently sold. This is the apartment building directly across from McDonald’s. Infill development may indeed be very likely. The Markland Wood Golf Club is currently exploring the opportunity to sell land for condominium development. The owner of the apartment building directly across from the golf club, 210 Markland Drive, expressed interest in pursuing infill development on this property several years ago. The apartment buildings at 265 and 287 Markland Drive have properties with land masses to allow for potential infill development. And finally, the Markland Wood Plaza at 4335 Bloor Street has enough land available at this location for a possible mixed-use or residential development project. These are all potential future developments and we are very concerned that the character of the community may be changed significantly.

The MWHA is inviting all members of the association to a very special meeting on Thursday, April 4th at 7:00 p.m. at the Markland Wood Golf Club. We are asking the community to attend because we need the support of our members. We will require substantial financial resources to monitor and influence not only the current 240 Markland Drive proposal but also any future potential development proposals. Please save the date and come to learn more about the possibility of multiple new “Towers in our Neighbourhood” and the impact that this will have on Markland Wood.

The MWHA Board would like to thank you, the residents, for your on-going support.

With regards,
Georgina Balascas, President
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