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President's Update

Georgina Balascas

Hello Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank all the families who attended the Family Fun Day in September. Everyone had a good time, especially the children! A special thanks to all the volunteers, residents and MWHA Board members, who helped out that day. A very special thank you goes to Anna Schaefer, the MWHA Vice-president, who organized the day. We are anticipating sponsoring this event again next fall.

On October 10th, the MWHA hosted a Municipal Election Candidates evening. If you attended, I hope you found the evening informative and that by listening to the candidates, it helped you decide who will receive your vote.



Christmas Caravan 2017

on Sunday, 10 December 2017.

Christmas Caravan 2017

MWHA Christmas Caravan 50th Anniversary!

To be able to celebrate any 50th Anniversary is very special and on December 10th, we celebrated that occasion for our annual Christmas Caravan! Who would have thought that a small community such as Markland Wood could continue its tradition of collecting food and clothing for local charities for all these years? Over the decades, we have seen many changes with many new volunteers. We have said goodbye to those that have moved away (even though some come back just for Caravan) and others that have passed away. As we met at the plaza, we took a moment to reflect.



MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive began in 1967On the morning of Caravan, the transport truck was loaded up early with the pre-taped boxes that were assembled on previous Friday night, and we headed down to the Plaza to meet and reacquaint with the volunteers ready to help. No one knows for sure what the weather would be like and we sure had a mixed bag over the years. Subzero, “watch for frost bite”, above seasonal “let’s change to short sleeve shirts and put on sunscreen” to one year when we had a foot of snow and we’d only been at it for a couple of hours. We’ve been very fortunate with the weather conditions and never had a heavy rain. Regardless of what the day, Caravan is and was always a go! We suffered a little when we know our donations help so many.


MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive continued in the 1970'sCaravan left the Markland Wood Plaza at around 9:00 a.m. and collected on the north side of Bloor and then went on the south side in the afternoon and we finished collecting around 3:30 p.m. You may have heard us coming down your street as we herald our approach. You came out and say hello and Santa did his best to see all of the kids...


Santa Clause rides in open convertible for MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive in the 1970'sThis year we had big trucks, little trucks, fire trucks, police cruisers, Mounted Police and dozens of helper Elves. It was quite a sight to see as we wound down every street. As we loaded your donations into the tractor trailer, everything was sorted and repacked. At the end of the day we unload the hundreds and hundreds of boxes into my garage ready for the charities to pick up on Monday morning. Our charities for non-perishables are:
The Brothers of the Good Shepherd,
The Scott Mission,
Daily Bread Food Bank
Salvation Army had a separate cube-van for clothing.
All cash donations were forwarded to The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund.

 Watch exciting scenes and interviews from the 2017, 50th Christmas Caravan video below:

(Above: 50th Christmas Caravan 2017 video)

Santa Clause give candy to Markland Wood children during MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive in the 1980'sSanta Clause rides in Markland Wood Golf Club cart during MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive in the 1980'sWe are always very excited to be able to help so many. Caravan continues to be a very big part of our Markland Wood community and will always continue through your generous donations.

Caravan is a tradition not only for my family, friends and neighbours and alos a tradition for the residents of Markland Wood. Thank you very much for help and contributions! If you would like further information, please feel free to contact me Georgina Balascas, MWHA President.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
Martin Ross
MWHA Christmas Caravan Chair

Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank Annual Report Page 9

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