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Georgina Balascas


By the time you read this it will officially be spring, but that has certainly not brought with it the hopes and delights of that new season. This year has not been what I anticipated. I would have never imagined that we would be facing the challenges that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has imposed on us and the entire world. They are calling this a global pandemic. This is causing our way of life to be dramatically changed for a period of time. The arrival of this virus is a huge challenge for us, our community, our country and beyond.

(Because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are making The Marklander March 2020 issue available in PDF format. If you would like to download a copy of The Marklander, follow this link:  


Christmas Caravan 2019

on Sunday, 15 December 2019.

MWHA Christmas Caravan 52th Anniversary!

The 2019 Christmas Caravan will be held on Sunday December 15th.

Our 52nd Annual Christmas Caravan is taking place this Sunday December 15th at 9am and we need your help with both, donations for those less fortunate than us, as well as collection assistance! The caravan starts at 9am at the Markland Plaza with our full complement of parade regulars that include the Toronto Police Service (TPS) and Toronto Fire vehicles, The TPS Mounted Unit with their horses, our music truck playing Christmas carols, the Daily Bread Food Bank truck, the Salvation Army truck for gently used clothing, the TPS Toy Van and of course the Big Man in Red... Santa who will give candies to and take photos with all the young Marklanders.

Every home in Markland Wood will be visited during our Caravan. If you will not be home please leave your donation on your porch and one of our many elves will pick it up.

MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive began in 1967Our Ask: If possible please donate at least a bag or two of non-perishable food items, one or two new unwrapped toys and any gently used clothing that you may have available. Cash for the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund is always welcomed as well. Let’s show this City what Markland Wood is all about!!


MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive continued in the 1970'sWe’ll be visiting the North of Bloor side of our community during the morning, have a break at Silverthorn CI mid-morning and lunch at Bloordale United Church where we feed our hard working elves! In the afternoon we visit the South side of our community where we anticipate finishing our Caravan sometime around mid-afternoon.


Santa Clause rides in open convertible for MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive in the 1970'sParents - Our event qualifies for volunteer hours for all our student Elves, the boys and girls of all ages that will be helping us, so feel free to bring the whole family out on this Sunday.

This year, we’re adding something new. We’ve partnered with 22 Division TPS to support their Christmas Toy Drive for families in need within our Division in Etobicoke. We’re hoping to stuff their Police “Toy Van” full of new toys for the many children in need within our 22 Division Community! We've been doing this for 52 years and every year we ask for and receive tremendous help from our community and we’re hoping this year will be no different! There are many people and families in need within our City and the donations from our Christmas Caravan go a long way to helping many of them. Please donate generously this year so we can share the Spirit of Christmas with everyone in need!

Thank you for helping those in need during this Holiday Season!

Marty Ross
Christmas Caravan Chair

Note: if we miss you, please call 416-399-3936 for a pickup or drop off your donation to 2 Trailsmoke Cres.


Watch exciting scenes and interviews from the 2017, 50th Christmas Caravan video below:

(Above: 50th Christmas Caravan 2017 video)

Santa Clause give candy to Markland Wood children during MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive in the 1980'sSanta Clause rides in Markland Wood Golf Club cart during MWHA Christmas Caravan & Food Drive in the 1980's



Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank Annual Report Page 9

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