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President's Update

Georgina Balascas

Hello everyone!

I hate to disappoint you but I think the ground hog lied to us on February 2nd! It certainly does not look like we are going to have an early spring.

The weather has been unbelievable the last few weeks. When the Toronto School Boards give the students a snow day, you know that it must be really bad! But let’s not get too depressed about what winter has done to us this year. I am an optimist and whether spring is early or late, it is coming! March is around the corner! So much for the weather report...


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Christmas Caravan 2019

on Sunday, 15 December 2019.

MWHA Christmas Caravan 51th Anniversary!

The 2019 Christmas Caravan will be held on Sunday December 15th.

Caravan 2018 was again a huge success due to the generosity of Marklanders, the dozens of volunteers, contributing companies and individuals. Last year we tried a different way of organizing and packing the tons of donated food as a way of making it a little easier to pack, sort and re-sort for our recipients.. For over thirty years a few of us would normally meet in my garage on the Friday night prior to Caravan and tape hundreds and hundreds of boxes but we missed doing that this year as I was trying a different way of packing. This turned out to be a great way to do it and also allowed me much needed time to organize everything else.

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