Markland Wood | Community Established in 1960



MHA Environmental Committee

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 Toronto Pollution Map

Map to left shows the need for the reduction of harmful emissions for a healthier GTA.


Mandate of the Markland Wood Environment Committee of the MWHA:

  • Tree Survey and Maintenance The committee takes as a given, Markland Wood’s appreciation for the preservation of our trees.  We see it as the richest legacy Markland Wood has.  To that end, we suggest two approaches.  First, a full survey of this resource and increase in the general knowledge of the proper arboreal care, and second, the raising of community consciousness to prevent the transmission of the Asian Long-horned Beetle must be increased.
  • Renforth Creek Clean-Up Notwithstanding its acknowledged limited impact on the environmental quality of Markland Wood, the community participation and the consciousness raising was felt to be beneficial to the general sensitively to matters environmental.
  • Develop a non-pesticide lawn education project Formulate a project to develop a solid community approach to lawn care and maintenance, always eschewing the use of chemical fertiziers or pesticides.
  • Award ‘good’ car awards to recognize engines under four litres Develop a project promoting the use of automobiles and trucks in Markland Wood under four litres capacity.  Perhaps little “The kids of Markland Wood thank you for their future breathing” lawn signs would be put up.  Nothing negative would be planned for those who bought new vehicles with engines greater than four litres.
  • Grant writing for Great Lakes Water Quality Protection Projects The community may adopt specific non-Markland Wood problem areas affecting the Great Lakes, perhaps together with Rockwood or Streetsville or Port Credit as examples, and participate in corrective activities using their own volunteer labour resources and obtain a few thousand dollars to purchase relevant materials or services through the GLWQ grant program.
  • Green Toronto Awards Promoting Etobicoke names for Green Toronto Awards for 2006
  • Markland Wood Car Pool Create a car pooling roster serving Markland Wood residents.
  • Gas Fired Electrical Power Stations in Mississauga Monitor, participate in meetings and give constructive input to the new East Mississauga Power Generation Facilities
  • Co-ordination with Positively Promoting Markland Committee It will be important at all times to ensure that there is good co-ordination between the work of the environmental committee and the PPMC.