Markland Wood | Community Established in 1960



Committees and Issues

The Markland Wood Homeowners Association (MWHA), formed in 1962, is one of the strongest rate payers organizations in Toronto. Over the years, Marklanders have participated in many social and governmental events. The MWHA has active community participation by forming committees to study and act upon these issues. Some of the events are as old as the MWHA. Some are very new. One of the oldest events in Markland Wood is what we now call the 'Markland Wood Social (Champagne & Marklandtini)' and one of the newest are the 'Environmental Day' Community Clean-Up and the Family Fun Day. Each of these events is organized and sponsored by the MWHA through their respective committees. Other events such as the annual Markland Wood Christmas Caravan, Garage Sale, and Candidates Meetings are organized by MWHA special committees. Community meetings are held from time to time to discuss community concerns and issues such as community safety, traffic and property taxes. The buttons above will take you to each our committee's web page.

Please peruse the committee forums and objects by clicking the buttons above. If you would like to participate, either as a MWHA director, associate director or even behind the scenes, please contact us.

Here is a volunteer recognition sent to the MWHA by Donna Cansfield, MPP, Etobicoke Centre in 2007